Something To Write Home About

Indonesian expats work frivolous jobs in ivory towers while carrying painful secrets from their violent pasts.  Based on true events.

Developed with:
Broadway Advocacy Coalition 2019
Voices of America Writers Workshop 2020
The PlayGround Experiment 2020

This Far Thus Far

What happens when the people closest to you are the ones who hurt you? When your support system silences you? When the people meant to lift you up bring you down? When the people who preach justice are the perpetrators of injustice? 


Untitled “Love Letters” Project | Studio Malya & others

Based on true historical events, this project explores how current events today are inseparable from the past sociopolitical landscape.

Untitled “Disarmament” Project | Drupadi.ID & others

Reuniting with the team who made the modern-day Javanese adaptation of Drupadi based on Sujiwo Tejo's book Dr. Upadi.

“Lost Archives” Photography Project

Told through family archives of different individuals, this project explores the personal stories shaped by national histories.